Sunday, July 13, 2014

Art Gala 2014

 Dale Chihuly sculpture made out of plastic bottles in honor of Earth Day. 

 The downstairs hallway was transformed into a prehistoric cave art exhibit. Students had drawn animals on brown paper and made torches with lights inside. As viewers walked through the dark cave, they held their torches up to the wall and paintings of horses, bison, mammoths, and deers were illuminated. 

Kindergarten's paper mache mushrooms.

First grade's studies on Rene Magritte, Aboriginal Handprints, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, and flowers.

 All of Elementary learned about the Terracotta army and each student sculpted a warrior out of terracotta clay. 

Fourth and fifth grade's Lichtenstein inspired self-portraits, value drawings, and Frank Stella paper sculptures. 

Kindergarten- Fox Scratch Art

I love how these foxes turned out, especially the last one with the huge eyes!

Preschool- Butterflies

My after-school enrichment preschool students made their own butterfly collection by finger painting, smearing with sponges and scraping with forks, and created interesting texture.  Using a butterfly punch I punched out the butterflies and glued them down. It would look great in a shadow box and would make a beautiful gift. 

Kindergarten- Sushi Plate

These delicious looking sushi plates were made from Model Magic. By the end of the class I was craving for spicy tuna and salmon rolls!

Second through Fifth grade- Circus

I've always wanted to do a lesson on Alexander Calder's Circus. After watching a video on Calder's circus performance, they were divided into groups and given found objects. It was a great lesson on working together and respecting others' ideas, and of course, creating something representational only using found objects.

Second and Third Grade- Sailing

Edward Hopper's Sailing was the inspiration behind these beautiful drawings. Students used either soft or oil pastel, paying special attention to the light on the sail.

Kindergarten- Poppies and Hearts

Poppies made from tempera paint and charcoal.

Jim Dine inspired hearts using tempera and charcoal.

Kindergarten- Empire State Building

I borrowed a fantastic lesson from Deep Space Sparkle based on contemporary illustrator Marz Jr. 's graphic drawings of famous people and landmarks including the Empire State Building. Students loved drawing the skyscrapers in perspective and filling in their buildings with windows.

Kindergarten- Hear Me Roar

Super easy and satisfying lesson! Students drew a simple line drawing of a lion's face and made the mane by painting in outward strokes. 

First Grade- The Flower Seller

Students drew Diego Rivera's The Flower Seller using oil pastel and collaged flowers. After reading about the artist from a children's book, students followed a step-by-step drawing lesson on the painting before coloring everything with oil pastel. The calla lilies were made by cutting out heart shapes and smudging pastel in the middle. 

Kindergarten- Cats in Pastel

 With just a rectangle, triangles, circles, and a heart, students drew charming fluffy cats each with their own unique personality.