Friday, September 26, 2014

Kindergarten: Monsters and Lines

I came across this book while shopping for other books on Amazon and I knew it would be perfect for teaching my kinders about different kinds of lines. Plus, who can resist adorable monsters?

While we read the book, I had students draw a wiggly line, a curly line, a wavy line, a zigzag line, and a whole buncha others with their fingers in the air to prepare them for drawing them on paper. After the book, they sketched a large "skinny rainbow" or "upside down U" on a color paper of their choice. Then I guided them in drawing the nose, which was a combo of straight and curly lines, eyes, and arms. Once the monster was drawn, they practiced their lines on a sheet of paper.

For the second class, students drew their lines on the monster with Elmer's glue and then sprinkled, er dumped, glitter all over their monster. It was super fun tilting the paper down and seeing their monster bejeweled in sparkly lines. They also remind me of Cosby sweaters, but I didn't say that because they would have noooo idea what I was talking about.

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