Friday, October 3, 2014

Tour of my art room!

I've been loving seeing all the class tours by my favorite art teacher bloggers and I wanted to join the bandwagon. My room is nowhere near as cool and organized, but as a former art-on-the-cart teacher I am super grateful for my space. Here's some photos if you're interested!

My white board. That art history timeline below the board is awesome and right at the students' eye level when they sit in front. There is a lot of nude art on it obviously and it sparked a good conversation on naked vs nude and how to respond like mature artists! :)

I have an "Art Class Jobs" chart with students' names on clothespins. They are organized in bins by class. 

 I got these containers from The Container Store to store my students' artwork. It does the job, but I may need to put in a divider to organize each project. 

Here are two supply shelves graced with a Frank Stella sculpture that my older elementary students made last year. 

My bookshelf. Students can check out books for free draw if they wish. 

And now my art storage room. I could have removed that wall so my class is bigger, but I do love having all this mess hidden. Hmm..still debating..

Mason jars that I got from the 99cent store for a dollar each. I like them because they're easy to wash and easy to hold with the handles. 

A dish rack that I use for palettes, sponges for wiping down tables and dust pans for everything else.

Making my example for a future Kandinsky lesson with leftover paint. 

View when you walk inside. Hope you enjoyed my tour!

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