Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Third/Fourth/Fifth grade: Doodle Paintings

I've been a long time admirer of Courtney Autumn Martin's dreamy Doodle Paintings ever since I saw her drawing them during class. I thought this would be a perfect lesson for my students on encouraging them to let go of their control and "see where your pen takes you" as one of my students commented. They first painted their paper with liquid watercolor and once dried, started with a circle and went from there. This lesson was not guided and the only suggestion I made to students was to create contrast with the circles so they would pop. I love how unique each doodle is and the element of surprise from beginning to finish.  Check out Courtney Martin's Doodle Paintings here  and also check out her children's book illustrations!


  1. These are Great! I love the play of the doodles against their watercolor backgrounds. How cool that this art lesson was inspired by the work of a classmate.

    1. Yes! My students thought I was cool that she was my friend!