Friday, October 17, 2014

2nd Grader's Interpretation of Kandinsky's Houses in Munich

Second graders painted houses inspired by Kandinsky's Houses in Munich. I love how they turned out and the students had a lot of fun being bold with their color choices and brushstrokes and mixing multiple colors to create more interesting variations.  We drew the houses first in pencil, traced it in black crayon, and painted them in with tempera. Once dry, they used a flat brush to add windows. After the windows were dry, they outlined everything with black tempera. It's important to note that when outlining in such a strong color like black, students really need to paint with the tip of their brush and hold it straight up so as to create a thinner line. Adding just a hint of water also helps make the line smooth, otherwise the black will overpower their beautiful colors. That, of course, is challenging for second graders! Maybe next time I'll have students trace with black oil pastel so at least the line quality will be more consistent.

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